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Alright guys… My good friends in @theemberdays are doing a kickstarter again for their new worship album and visual experience. I cannot even begin to explain the impact their ministry has had in my life. These are good friends, on fire for The Lord, and want to bring us closer to the throne via worship. I know everyone is raising money for something nowadays but this is something I believe in and back wholeheartedly. Check out their kickstarter (link on their profile), and even donate just a little to this great cause of furthering God’s Kingdom.

Also they are at my home church (@gracefellowshipyork) tonight and I don’t get to see them… I miss them.

"'What is Christianity?' Undoubtedly half will respond, 'A relationship with Jesus.'

That is wrong. The gospel cannot be merely a private transaction. God didn’t break through history, through time and space, to come as a baby, be incarnated, and suffer on the cross just so you can come to him and say, ‘Oh, I accept Jesus and now I can live happily ever after.’ That’s not why he came…. Jesus came as a radical to turn the world upside down. When we believe it is just about Jesus and yourself, we miss the whole point."

Chuck Colson, unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity…And Why it Matters, p. 87 (via theringofwords)

"You can’t be quiet about something you are passionate about."

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"If only i had checked myself"

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Van & Marte. Albion, CA.

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North Cascades National Park ➾ Luke Gram

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